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Arrival and Quarantine Guidelines for Fall 2021

May 18, 2021 / ,
Indiana Tech is thrilled to announce that classes for the Fall 2021 semester will be conducted in-person as normal! As we prepare campus for the arrival of our new and returning students, please rest assured that Indiana Tech is taking all necessary precautions to keep students, staff, and faculty safe during these tumultuous times.

Indiana Tech follows CDC guidelines for international travelers during the pandemic to keep our students, staff and faculty safe.  We have strictly followed the CDC guideline since the beginning of the pandemic, keeping our campus safe, and allowing us to be able to offer on-campus classes to all students since last year.  This also enabled our student athletes to participate in practices and sporting events by following strict guidelines. Restrictions and guidelines are constantly evolving due to the nature of this pandemic, so we can only advise on the current CDC guidelines, which may change anytime based om the pandemic and travel restriction situation.  We understand this makes it very difficult to make travel plans for families as well as school administration.  The current CDC guidelines for international travel can be found on their website. As the guidelines are constantly evolving, it is important to keep an eye out for any updates as you make your travel plans.

Students who are fully vaccinated are not required to quarantine upon their arrival to the U.S.A. but if they are not vaccinated, we will continue to follow the CDC protocols on quarantine requirements.  Indiana Tech will accommodate international students who need to arrive early to quarantine (if CDC guidelines still require them to at the time of arrival)  by providing them an early move-in date to the dorms, and we will make arrangements for them to be able to eat on-campus.  Indiana Tech will have testing arrangements on campus for students and we also plan to make arrangements for unvaccinated students to get vaccinated if the student wishes to receive the vaccine.

As of today, any student traveling internationally is recommended to quarantine for 7 days after they cross the border into the United States and receive a negative COVID test, or 10 days with no testing. For those living on campus, Indiana Tech will set guidelines and protocols for student quarantine periods upon arrival. For students living off campus, they will be responsible for implementing their own quarantine.