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Arrival and Quarantine Guidelines

July 30, 2020
As we prepare campus for the arrival of our new and returning students, please rest assured that Indiana Tech is taking all necessary precautions to keep students, staff, and faculty safe during these tumultuous times. In accordance with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, any student traveling internationally is recommended to quarantine for 14 days after they cross the border into the United States. For those of you living on campus, please read the following guidelines which will be applicable to you during your quarantine period. If you will be living off campus, you will be responsible for implementing your own quarantine.

Quarantine Guidelines:

Following CDC and State guidance, international students flying into the US are to quarantine for 14 days at their final destination. Below are some considerations.

· We are assuming that you have not tested positive and you are not experiencing symptoms.

· If you begin to experience symptoms, you need to report this to Student Affairs immediately (

· You should limit your contact with other people during the quarantine period and maintain a minimum of 6 feet (2 meters) from others in passing.

· You are permitted to leave your room only for basic and health related needs. i.e. laundry, designated food pick-up from the cafeteria for short periods of time – but once again, you should be limiting contact with other people and return to your room once the task has been completed.

· Please make sure you have your mask on anytime you have to leave your room. As per the Indiana State mandate as well as Indiana Tech’s policy to keep all students, faculty and staff safe, everyone is required to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces as well as outdoors when social distancing is not possible.

Daily Self-Check for Symptoms

  • Do you have a fever – temperature over 100.4 degrees F?
  • Loss of smell or taste?
  • Cough?
  • Muscle aches?
  • Sore throat?
  • Shortness of breath?
  • Chills?
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite?
  • Have you or anyone you’ve been in close contact with been diagnosed with COVID-19?
During your 14 day quarantine, food will be available in the Dining Hall during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Per the university’s guidelines, you are permitted to leave your room for food pick-up, but must return promptly to your room.