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Incoming Students Visas for Fall 2020

June 26, 2020 / ,

We understand that many US consulates still remain closed for student visa appointment requests. Countries are beginning to resume normal visa processing, but re-opening will be a gradual process over the next coming months. We advise that students continue to monitor consulates in their home country if appointments have not yet resumed. For students that expect to or have already registered for their visa appointment, we are proceeding as normal and advise travel and entry into the US to arrive before the August 11th Registration and Orientation event. However, visa appointment dates vary greatly depending on the country, with some countries not offering availability until late summer or early fall.

If a student is unable to secure a visa appointment until after our August 17th class start date, we are working with students on a case-by-case basis depending on their individual circumstances. Please note there will be several options available. If a student is ready to start their program, they will be able to begin their courses online from their home country. Classes will be live-streamed online and video-recorded to allow students to attend their classes virtually as needed.  Once they attend their visa interview and receive their visa stamp, we will transition the student to on-campus attendance upon arrival to the Indiana Tech campus. If a student is unable to travel to the US or unable to secure a visa interview, they will have the option to complete their entire semester online from their home country. Please note for existing students that are outside of the US, if you choose to complete your semester online from your home country, your SEVIS record will remain Active and you will not be subject to the standard 5 month limit for remaining outside of the United States. If you are inside the US, you are not eligible to complete your classes online and must continue to follow standard F-1 immigration guidelines.

New students will also be able to defer their start date to either the January 2021 or August 2021 semester. Students that choose to defer their start date will be able to retain their scholarship offer.

Our office is available to assist any students with questions regarding their program start and visa application.