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Conditional Acceptance FAQs

April 12, 2024 /

Receiving a conditional acceptance decision can be confusing, but our team is here to help! Most often, conditional acceptances are issued to students who apply for a master’s degree program at Indiana Tech but are still working to complete the final semester of their undergraduate degree. If you have received a conditional acceptance notification, read the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about what this means.

Am I accepted to Indiana Tech?

  • Technically, no. Our current academic policies restrict us from offering an official admissions decision to any student who is pursuing a master’s degree but has not yet fully completed their bachelor’s degree. Instead, a conditional acceptance is our way of saying that you will be eligible for an official acceptance decision after submitting the remaining required documents.

Should I be worried about being denied after receiving a conditional acceptance notification?

  • Not at all! Although it is not common, a student may be denied after receiving a conditional acceptance if our team fails to receive a provisional certificate, if the final transcripts reflect a decline in academic achievement, or if the total number of classes failed (typically called backlogs in India) exceeds the allowed amount.

Can I receive an I-20 and apply for a visa interview with a conditional acceptance?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot receive an I-20 or apply for a visa interview with a conditional acceptance. Indiana Tech and USCIS policies restrict our team from issuing an I-20 until all admissions requirements have been met. Although this will delay your ability to schedule a visa interview, Indiana Tech offers new enrollment start dates every six weeks for MBA programs and every eight weeks for MSIS programs! This means that students who graduate with their undergraduate degree in June may be unable to enroll in our August session but will likely be able to enroll in our October session.

What are my next steps?

  • If you are currently finishing your bachelor’s degree, you are still able to upload your passport, current financial statement, sponsor’s affidavit, English proficiency scores, all detailed semester marks that have been received, and a letter verifying your status as a current student. Then, be sure to continue working hard through graduation! After receiving your consolidated grade report, complete semester-by-semester marksheets, and provisional certificate, you may upload all three documents to your student portal and our team will provide a final review of your application.