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Graduate Student FAQ

The below frequently asked questions apply specifically to our prospective graduate students. If your question is not answered below, please email us at

What is my status?

Once we receive both your application and documents, you are put into our processing queue.  All applications are processed in the order received and we cannot make exceptions to this. We are assigned applications to review each day so we are unable to provide exact queue status or turn around times. We are only able to confirm what we have received in terms of documents.

Note: Status requests cannot be considered via phone calls.

Why is the turnaround time so long?

We receive a large amount of applications, often close to 500 for each intake session, but we have a small staff so processing takes time. We request you allow at least 30 days to receive an update once you submit your documents.

What are the average response times?

Our current processing times are listed below. Please do not submit multiple requests or duplicate applications.

  • Admission Decision (after receiving all documents): 45 – 60 business days 
  • I-20 (after admission decision is made): 7 – 10 business days 
  • General Questions and Emails: 5 – 7 business days 

We do ask that you allow the longest amount of time to pass before following up with us. This will lower our request volume and allow us to focus our time on processing applications.

Our overall turnaround time for applications (perfectly submitted) is 55 to 70 business days.

When will I receive my I-20?

We cannot process an I-20 until you have received your acceptance to Indiana Tech and confirmed your desire to attend. Once we have that information, a DSO must verify your financials and passport information before being able to release your I-20.

Overall, it generally takes 30 – 60 business days from the date you submit your application & documents to receive your I-20.

Were my documents received?

Graduate students must email their documents to Once you have submitted the documents, you should receive notification that your email was received.

After submitting your documents, please allow 60 days before sending a follow-up as this is our processing time for applications and we will not have an update until then.

What are the academic requirements to apply?

Our graduate admissions requirements are laid out HERE as well as included in the email we send to you after receiving your application.

Once I receive my acceptance, what are my next steps?

After you are accepted into the school, you will receive your I-20 and instructions about the visa interview. We suggest waiting to plan your arrival until after you have received your visa.

After you receive your I-20, you will need to schedule a visa appointment. Your SEVIS number is listed on your I-20 and will remain the same even if you defer your admission.

Once you receive your visa and know that you will be attending, make sure you inform Indiana Tech and we will put you on our arrival list. This will allow us to send specific emails and correspondence about how to come to the United States and what you can do to help settle down in Fort Wayne.

We highly suggest that all students arrive and live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is where the university is and will allow you to have the best experience.

Once you start planning your arrival, our Current Student Resources will also be helpful.

I am a transfer to Indiana Tech, what do I do?

As an international student, you are able to request to transfer to a different university for any reason. This process is easy but there are strict rules regarding F-1 students that must be followed. We understand that you are likely to have many questions and ask that you email any questions to so we can better help.

***We highly suggest submitting your I-94 with your documents so we can reach out about the process***

You can read more about the specifics of transferring through our webpage: International Transfer Requests

Why do I need to send financials?

Financial documents are required by the Department of Homeland Security in order for a DSO to create an I-20 for any student. Per the guidelines, students must show that they have enough funds for one year of tuition as well as one year of living expenses.

Indiana Tech requires the Sponsor’s Affidavit so that students understand that they are responsible for the payments.

Some requirements are:

  • Both documents must be dated within a couple days of each other.
  • Neither document can be fraudulent or forged (which are federal crimes in the United States)
  • The Indiana Tech Sponsor’s Affidavit must be notarized
  • Both documents are required to be within the six months of issuing the I-20.
I want to defer my application; how can I do that?

If you need to defer your application, you must complete the Deferment Request Form. Due to volume, we cannot process defer requests sent via email.

If you already have your I-20, you can still schedule a visa appointment interview. The SEVIS number at the top of your I-20 will remain the same even if your dates must change. Your deferred I-20 will be sent within 7 days of your request.

I already submitted my documents, why is Indiana Tech asking for them again?

Many times students will either miss a document or send the wrong item. You might be asked to resubmit something or to provide a specific document. It is very important that you submit exactly what is requested to us so that we can process your application.

Most often, we ask for updated financials. The main reasons we need new documents are because of the dates on the two documents not being within a couple days of each other or because the documents are too old. Since financials are a legal, federal requirement, we cannot make exceptions.

We are not able to make an admission decision until all required documents have been reviewed.

How do I apply? Are there deadlines?

Our application process is detailed on our website here. Essentially, you must submit the application and documents before we are able to start processing your request.

Indiana Tech offers rolling admission. This means that you can submit an application at anytime for an upcoming intake. Our intakes are listed on the application.

Generally, due to immigration requirements, we suggest applying for an intake at least three months away so that you will have time to be processed and to obtain your visa.

Do I need the GRE?

No. Indiana Tech does not require GRE scores to be accepted into the graduate program. GRE scores are not substitute English Proficiency results.

Can I take online classes?

International students are issued F-1 visas on the idea that you will be studying in the United States, it is expected that you will be physically present for classes. Per DHS guidelines, you must take full-time courses and are only eligible to take one course online per semester, the rest of your courses must be in-person. This is all detailed on the Department of Homeland Security website. 

International students on an F-1 visa are not eligible to have 100% online courses at anytime during their studies. If you would like to take a full course of online courses, you can do so in your home country by applying on our CPS website. 

Our program is designed to be in-person so you will need to plan on taking in-person classes.

What scholarships are available?

Since we are able to offer our graduate programs at half the national average, scholarships are not available to students pursuing their master’s degree. Our courses are pay as you go, so you will just pre-pay for your course while studying at Indiana Tech.

How do I bring my spouse or children to the USA?

Students who are studying on their F-1 International Student Visa are able to bring dependents to the United States at any time. These dependents (a spouse and children) can be given an F-2 visa which permits them to join the F-1 student.

There are specific documents needed in order for us to generate an F-2 I-20. Please refer to the process and guidelines listed here.