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Academic Document Requirements

May 1, 2024 /

To review your application, our admissions team requires all students to submit three academic documents. Unfortunately, we often see that students have only submitted one or two of the necessary documents. By making sure you upload all three of the documents discussed below, you can help our team process your application more quickly!

  1. SEMESTER-BY-SEMESTER MARKS: For countries that make note of student backlogs, the first academic document our team reviews will be your detailed semester marksheets. Your semester-by-semester transcript will list each individual semester on a separate page and include detailed information such as the final grade received, pass/fail classification, and full name of all courses attempted. You can also help our team process your application more quickly by ensuring that the semester reports are copied and uploaded in chronological order (in order by date).
  2. CONSOLIDATED MARKS MEMO (CMM): Next, our team will review your final transcript. This document will likely be one single page which collectively lists every course attempted as well as the total percentage of marks received (or the CGPA). In rare cases, students have no consolidated grade report and, instead, the grand total is listed at the bottom of the page detailing the semester marks from their final semester.
  3. DEGREE CERTIFICATE: Finally, our team will review your provisional or official degree certificate. This document is awarded to each student after completing all degree requirements and successfully graduating. For students who are currently completing their degree and have not yet received their degree certificate, please review more information on conditional acceptances.

Remember, all three academic documents are required to receive an admissions decision. Taking the time to scan and include all documents will help shorten the time you wait for a response from our team!