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Sponsor’s Affidavit Essentials

April 17, 2024 /

When applying to Indiana Tech, students are required to submit several supporting documents. This list of documents, for both the undergraduate application requirements and the graduate application requirements, includes a current financial document and a sponsor’s affidavit. However, the sponsor’s affidavit is the document that is most often submitted incorrectly. Continue reading to find out how you can properly complete the sponsor’s affidavit form so that our admissions counselors can review your application materials!

First, be sure to submit a notarized copy of Indiana Tech’s Sponsor’s Affidavit form. No other government affidavit can be accepted in place of this university form. Affidavits also cannot be accepted if they are submitted without an official notary stamp and seal.

Second, be sure that the correct USD amount is listed. Our counselors often find that no amount has been included on the document. Additionally, the USD amount listed cannot be greater than the amount in the sponsor’s bank account or the amount listed on a bank loan letter.  However, the minimum amount that must be listed is as follows: $22,500 for graduate students, $47,550 for undergraduate students, and $25,000 for Leap Advantage students. Also note that you are able to submit multiple sponsor affidavits as long as a current financial statement is provided for each affidavit and the total sponsorship amount adds to the required minimum.

Third, be sure that the name on the Sponsor’s Affidavit is the name listed on the provided current financial statement. If you are using your own bank statement to show financial support, simply list your name as the sponsor and “self” as the relationship to student. Please note that self-sponsored affidavits still require an official notary stamp and signature.

Fourth, be sure that the date the sponsor signs the affidavit is the same as the date the notary signs the affidavit. Since the notary is serving as a witness to the sponsor’s signature, these dates cannot be different.

While notary signatures vary in each country, the photos below show one example from India and one example from Pakistan. Also, remember that providing a falsified document is a federal crime in the United States and cannot be tolerated. Unfortunately, we do issue several denial decisions each week to students who have presented documents that have clearly been forged or altered in some way.


We hope this has been a helpful explanation of the essential requirements for the Sponsor’s Affidavit! As always, feel free to reach out to your admissions counselor with any questions or concerns. Our team is happy to guide you as you take the next steps in your academic journey!